Benefice Letter for August

I can hardly believe that we are in August already!! I don’t know about you but the older I get the faster the time goes, I seem to remember – in the distant past – those long, lazy and fun summer holidays from school and just how long they seemed to be, so why is it that six weeks can go by so fast now?!!! I guess that we just get busier as we go through life.

July was a lovely month here in our villages, the weather was great and some fabulous events were held, including weddings, including the first wedding to be held in St Nicholas Church, Ringmore for over one hundred years, without the need for an Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Licence! August sees Shaldon Water Carnival and also the Regatta, both of which bring many visitors to the village. The success of these events is down to those who organise them as well as those who take part. I would like to extend my grateful thanks to them all for continuing these fantastic traditions. It is wonderful to see the 1785 craft stalls on the green again and, rumour also has it that, Zebediah Hook will return to the village green on Wednesdays at 7pm throughout August!!

The summer is a time for us to welcome visitors and Paul and I look forward to welcoming several members of our respective families to our home this month. I hope that many of you will get some welcome family visitors too. But let us never forget that there are many others who do not have the privilege of close family and that there are often deep divisions within some families that we could not even begin to imagine. There are also those who do not have any family left in their lives to greet, to visit or even to speak to. Please do keep those less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers and, if you have the opportunity, be a friend to them or include them in your own family circle whenever possible.

August is also a great month for weddings, which are always wonderful occasions, bringing families together in great joy. I ask that you remember the happy couples and pray for their future happiness together. As those of us who have been married for some time know all too well, marriage is not always easy, but we all need to remember that it is our love for one another that sees us through all the difficulties of life and will endure throughout all the ups and downs of life, bringing us to our eternal life in Heaven. I could say so much about love, in so many ways, but I would like you all to spend a little time this month giving some thought to how love has enhanced your own lives – in whatever way – and to give thanks for it and for the love of God from which we all benefit.

People are very enterprising in this neck of the woods and there is never a dull moment. I thank God for the beautiful place in which we live and the wonderful people that give so much, so freely. I do hope that you all continue to enjoy the summer but that you remember to try and have some ‘me time’. Look after yourselves and those around you and, if this hot weather continues, please do remember to keep yourselves hydrated! I look forward to seeing you throughout the summer

My prayers are with you all for a happy summer.

With every blessing from the Rectory.

Annie x

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