Benefice Letter for October

Hello everyone and welcome to October! How are you all getting on? I don’t know about you but I am finding the constant changes and uncertainty very disconcerting and unsettling!!

We are in the season of Harvest but we are unable to celebrate in our usual ways. We usually have lovely church services, harvest lunches and auctions but, sadly, we have had to pare down our celebrations this year. We shall be having our usual Sunday services, but on the 11th October, simply giving the service a Harvest ‘theme’. We will be collecting long life tins and packets to pass on to our local homeless charity so if you are able to contribute anything I would be pleased to receive it on my doorstep!! If you are not in Shaldon I am sure that arrangements can be made for your do take donations to our other churches if you contact myself or the Church Warden of your local church.

The next difficulty will be Remembrance Sunday and then Christmas!! I do not wish to dwell on those occasions at the moment as so much can change between now and then but, if the social distancing rules and gathering no more than 6 in a social setting continues, it is unlikely that we will be able to celebrate those occasions in our usual manner either! As we approach them I will let you know. We have already taken the decision to cancel the Soup Kitchen but will be appealing for help – there will be further information elsewhere in the magazine.

Reflecting back on the month of August – it was lovely to see so many visitors to our area which helped our local businesses no end. However, the sheer numbers of visitors brought a sense of fear to many of us as we were afraid that the Coronavirus would hit our area! Many local folk stayed at home during August to stay safe but this has prolonged the time some people have been alone. It is much quieter now and we are beginning to venture out locally. We are all remembering to use our face coverings in our local shops and I really want to make special mention of all our shop and business owners and workers here because they have been there for all of us throughout this difficult time and continue to serve us all with a smile -THANK YOU ALL!

As I mentioned, it is the season of Harvest so please do take time to remember and thank all our farmers, both locally and globally, for the food we have – and also everyone involved in bringing food to our country and our tables.

Stay home if you can and stay safe. God bless you all.

With love from the Rectory.

Annie x

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