Benefice Letter for July

Welcome to July! Where is the year going?!!!! June proved true to its name of ‘flaming June’ from time to time – we have had some wonderful days and long, light evenings. The young birds have been well fed and, judging by the activity of their parents – who must be well worn out!!!!!!!!!!!! How is your garden? Last month’s Open Gardens event was amazing, as always, and raised a goodly amount for Cancer Research. A huge ‘Well done’ to all who took part. My own garden is evolving! Last summer Paul bought me a greenhouse for my birthday which has been put to good use. I have grown from seed most of my summer bedding plants and also – for the first time here – I am growing a few vegetables and am so looking forward to harvesting them.

At the end of June Shaldon Festival took place, a four day extravaganza of music performed by world class musicians. I never cease to be amazed by the talent of musicians and this 29th Festival really did highlight their amazing abilities. The Festival takes so much planning and preparation and my sincere thanks go to the Festival Committee for all their hard work in bringing such a quality event to our village. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly looking forward to next year and the 30th anniversary concerts!!!

Now that we are in July please do remember the younger members of our communities as they break for the summer holidays. Some will be moving into a new class in September, some will be moving to a new school or even college and university. Let us do all we can to make their summer relaxed and enjoyable. We shall also be welcoming many visitors to the area during the next few weeks so do try to get some quiet, relaxing time for yourselves beforehand. Remember that we are all so lucky to live in such a beautiful place all year round so let’s show just how proud we are of it!!

The summer is often a fairly quiet time in the church, having no major festivals like Easter or Christmas and is in what is termed Ordinary time. It allows for more uninterrupted reading of scripture in sequence, for the exploration of other themes such as creation and the environment, and for creative responses to the Saints' Days that occur at this time. It is also the season for weddings which are joyous occasions and we wish all those getting married in our churches the richness of God’s blessing as they begin their married life together. It is so exciting to be having weddings at St Nicholas Church now that we have a licence for that purpose!!!

My prayers are with you all for a happy summer.

With love from the Rectory.

Annie x

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