Benefice Letter for April

Hello to you all in these very strange and challenging times!

I wonder how you are all coping, some of us are extremely lucky in that we have someone we love at home with us, someone to talk to and be close to, someone to walk with on our daily exercise route but there are those who are home alone and don’t have the comfort of having another human being to share things with on a minute by minute basis or, most importantly, someone to hold them close when they are afraid – or when they just need a hug.

In our communities I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness of everyone to their friends and neighbours and can see from the news reports that this is the case all over the country, thanks be to God.

I would like to encourage you all to just keep doing what you are doing to be kind and helpful to yourselves and to others – within the Government guidelines of course. It is all so very important and necessary.

Children are dealing with a world that is far different than anything they’ve ever known. Add to that, the fact that their rocks – parents, teachers, grandparents – are all worried, stressed and just different. Everything is upside down for them. ?Parents and carers can help by trying to bring some calm into their day. Add a bit more cuddles and relaxed playtime. Do some fun things. Maybe make a big tent in the house, game night, make cookies, look at the stars. ?Take a breath Mum and Dad. Try to build some happy family memories into this very odd time.

This is a very odd time for the Church too – our buildings are closed and we are trying to work through Easter, the most important part of the church's year, in isolation. Although our buildings are closed it is good to remember that 'the church' is not the building but it is the people! Church is wherever you are and God is everywhere! There have been some lovely services broadcast on many different technological platforms and I, in my little technophobic way, am trying to minister very gently to all my Facebook friends, many of whom are not churchgoers but are appreciating my daily thoughts! I am also keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and am still available at the end of the telephone.

Until the next time, stay at home, stay safe, God bless you.

With love from the Rectory.

Annie x (Telephone 01626 873173)

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