The New Lampshades at St. Nicholas
We had had 2 broken moulded glass shades at St Nics for ages and couldn’t find any replacements for them, so on a bit of a whim we asked whether Teign Valley Glass based at the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracy, would be able to make a new set of 12 ( plus a few extra)for us. We discussed the possibility with Richard Glass the manager/designer/tea boy who was full of go and enthusiasm for the project. Together, we worked out a design similar to the original shades. This seemed to be new territory not yet tried, and new expensive equipment would have to be brought in for the commission. So, being guinea pigs, we were quoted an extremely acceptable price. A couple of samples were made up which we brought back to show the congregation at the Sunday service.There was an unanimous vote to proceed.

~~~~~~~~~ Glassblower Ian starting to blow a shade ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shade nearly blown! ~~~~~~~~~~

A small group of us went along one Sunday afternoon just before Christmas, to see the blowing of the first shades. We could see all the processes well from the balcony and Ian Hanky who came from the Central School of Art, gave us a full commentary as he took us through each fascinating stage. From the first glob of molten glass to the final white shade,which was carefully placed in the lehr to cool at a prescribed temperature, in order to avoid any cracking, he had us spellbound. The sandblasting to make the frosted affect, finished them, and then they were all carefully packed in reams of bubble wrap for collection.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here we all are in the viewing gallery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ watching the blowing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, we now have a fine new set of locally made hand blown white frosted glass lampshades, each one quite unique. Our thanks and praise to Richard and his team of glass blowers.

~~~~~~~~~ Here's Ian Hanky, our glassblower ~~~~~~~ and here are the new lampshades installed in the church! ~~~~~~

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